LG 55C7 Wired internet not connecting


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I have literally just come across this issue today after a year of no problems. My TV no longer connects via ethernet at all (either via USB dongle or direct to the port) the little connection image seems to suggest it gets as far as the router but cannot go any further and it says "No internet via Ethernet" even though the cable is connected. No details have changed and i`m currently at a loss as to whats has happened. WiFi works absolutely fine, but for streaming purposes is too slow so I really do need the Ethernet to work again.

I`ve tried:

Different cable
rebooting TV
Cold Reboot

Any Ideas?


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It might be worth rebooting your tv from scratch first. I had similar problems with my Sony and they went away after I reset the tv.
Sometimes the ethernet connection can play up as well. I only have to touch the cable and it loses contact in the connector.


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Just had the same problem with my receiver,ethernet connection just dropped out,tried the same as you new cable,rebooting it,still nothering.
In the end had to ring Arcam up,they took me thought the service menu,and after some button pushing, got it back on.
Might be worth a ring to LG tech department,if you have not luck



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Hi folks,

Thanks for your suggestions. Turns out it WAS a cable that had come loose after all! Very strange as literally the cable that came out is never moved and stays in situ. Meanwhile the TV has started rebooting itself for no reason!!!

Thanks again!
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