LG 55B7 Screen Issue


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Hi everyone I have a problem with my TV and ill explain in detail but mainly, i was told by JL its screen burn but a little more detail about how i think its still a fault with the TV.

I Brought the TV from John Lewis December 2017 after about 7 months i noticed a square in the centre of the screen, like screen burn in fact, i was told it was screen burn by the LG engineer who replaced the panel. but reading this forum it looks like it was a panel fault and not screen burn.

Next repair was October last year. The fault was, a message kept coming up saying "the TV is due a pixel refresh. this will take place when the TV is in standby". but when ever i turn the TV on, i would get another message to say the pixel refresh was interrupted and to run it again. Even when i ran them manually, it would still say the same thing. this was like this for months but didn't have any problems with image retention or screen burn but it was more of an annoyance. I contacted John Lewis who sent an engineer out who then said, yes its a faulty system board and was replaced.

Now i have the dreaded screen burn GMB logo bottom left, I'm wondering because the pixel refresh didn't work for months would that be an issue to cause this screen burn? because there was no screen refresh to take place? I only noticed it on a red background but thinking about it, it might have always been there, I'm not sure as i didn't really go looking for something unless it interrupted my viewing

I've said this to the Tv repair company who are writing a report to send to JL, Also, i asked LG direct and they said it could be a factor

JL are basically saying if it is screen burn then its my fault as I've miss used the TV.

What are you're thoughts on this? i am 100% certain i haven't abused my TV. we watch the news for about 20 mins in the morning before work and films in the evening.


Might depend on how long you ignored the problem for that probably helped the burn develop......


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I'd probably say about 3 or 4 months. To be honest, i thought it was a firmware issue so was waiting on the next release more then anything. As it meant a massive inconvenience taking tome off work to ensure an engineer could come round and at the time, i didn't notice anything but then didn't have a red screen to display

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