LG 55" UH668V Image Flickering


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Good evening,

First post and apologies, I'm posting due to a problem. I have had a search and can't find the same elsewhere but that could be down to searching the wrong terms, so again apologies if that's the case. I have a LG 55" UH668V and I'm having issues with the picture flickering (sound goes as well).

It started while watching Sky Q, the image would flicker to black for just a few seconds then come back. It would only happen once every few days so not a massive problem, but annoying. After a while I decided to switch HDMI ports with my PS4 as it had never happened while using that. Before long it had happened on both devices, and also while using my laptop through an HDMI port. So it doesn't appear to be a problem with an individual port or with the HDMI cables. It has never happened while watching anything through the internal apps on the TV (Netflix/Amazon/etc.).

The TV was bought in October 2016 and as I work shifts and my wife is 9-5 the TV is in use from 7am-Midnight almost every day and has been since we bought it, so it is far from new. It may well be time to invest in a new one, but I would ideally like to move this to another room in the house so would prefer to fix it if it's viable.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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