LG 55" OLED B9 White flashing pixels

I have a 2 year old LG 55" OLED (B9) that just started showing flashing white pixels. It is about 50 -70 pixels all along the same horizontal line that all independently flicker white. Upon closer inspection I can see that when not flickering bright white, the pixel(s) are a dim white, so subtle I believed it was flickering between white and the signal colour. I'm certain it is not input dependant, it is consistent across all HMDI inputs, coax, and built-in applications. I've tried turning off all wifi signals in my house to determine if it is some sort of interference, but the problem persisted. Pixel refresh did not fix it. I think I may have determined there's some correlation to resolution/compression/bit rate as when I did some troubleshooting using my laptop as an input, the full screen YouTube video didn't show the pixels to the same severity as my desktop page did - shown in video. This problem appeared before a recent firmware update, and continues with no pending firmware update.

Flashing Pixel Video


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I have the same problem with my LG BX. I only see the problem on my Nvidia shield. Also it only append on HDR content.


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I also experience this on my LG BX. Only at 4k60hz, below that the issue disappears.
I have submitted evidence to Google directly but it's met with a shrug, a sorry, and "Your feedback is important to us".
I'm worried that it's such a niche issue that they aren't going to fix it and it's very noticeable on a windowed film.

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