LG 55 C1 or save £110 on a CX?


Apologies if this has been answered before (either directly or in a bigger thread) but...

I need a new TV. It's replacing a 55" E7 that has 'screen burn'. I'm hoping that (a) I can change my habits (b) OLEDs protect themselves better these days. I did consider moving away from OLED but I can't get past the fact that they are the best picture.

Anyway... I'm pretty sure the C1 is the TV for me and it looks like I can get it for ~£1110 but there are still some CX around at ~£1000.
Usage is mainly TV (inc. sport and film) via a Virgin box with some Netflix and Amazon streaming. The lad also uses his PS4 quite a lot and is showing no signs of moving out but also he's not (as far as I know) planning to get a PS5. And he's not paying either.
I don't use the 'home' much but have never thought 'I wish this was full screen rather than tabs across the bottom'.
Sound is irrelevant as I always use a sound bar (LG SK9, I think).
It's wall-mounted but as far as I know the CX and C1 are identical in that regard.

So... should I get the C1 or get the CX and spend £110 on coke and hookers?


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All depends if firmware means more to you than hookers :)
Newer models, longer support or if you can hang in a few months the C1 may drop a little more as the C2 comes out ?
There isn’t much in them but Viny covers C9 v CX v C1



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I've had both and see no difference between them except that maybe the C1 will have a years more update. The current midrange OLED's have reached their peak imo, the C2 won't be much of a step up just like the Evo screen on LG G1.


Thanks both - I think I'm going to go for the CX. I'll get it from John Lewis and pay the extra £80 for their Protect Plus in case updated tech/changed habits aren't enough to prevent screen burn.

This will sadly only leave me £30 left over which isn't enough for coke and hookers (of any quality) so I'll probably get a half-decent bottle of red wine instead.

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