LG 55" 650t / samsung ps59d6900 / panasonic p50st30


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Having searched this forum for the last month researching tv's, i am still unsure what to go for. Originally i wanted the LG as its passive (which i like) but i have read way too many complaints about it. I then moved onto the samsung and people seem to be experiencing buzzing and aren't happy.
The panasonic would just be a safe choice for under £800 and could live with it having a few issues.

My main question being, is anybody on here actually happy with either their samsung or lg? As i dont want to risk paying £1500 for a flawed set which i wouldnt be happy with.

Main uses would be films, gaming and tv (in priority order)

Many thanks in advance



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Sorry to jump in, but you have near identical requirements an conclusions as me!

I'm gonna do some side by sides but I can't help leaning towards the LG. Part of my mind isn't being as objective as i would like!


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The thing is, nobody has the 59d6900 on display, not even my local currys megastore which is the biggest in the country! So the only info i have is what i read on here


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Not that it helps you i expect, but they have one on display which i saw today in Nottingham Currys. Its freaking MASSIVE :D
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