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Hey guys,

I recently got given an LG 52SZ8R DLP tv, certainly a step up from the 32" LCD we had in the living room before...

However there is a small problem, the HDMI port doesn't seem to work, plugging in a DVI-HDMI lead from my MacBook Pro leaves the tv saying "no signal." I also tried the set with a borrowed Samsung Blu-Ray player and got the same result.

From what I can tell the tv isn't sending any information back to the Mac about the resolution or anything - the Mac sees it as an "Analog Display". I know for a fact that the lead is okay and the laptop can speak with a HDMI port no problem - the 32" LCD is now in my bedroom and I have the Mac hooked up no problem at all.

I vaguely remember reading a piece on a forum some where regarding a dud HDMI port on an LG LCD and it was something to do with a service menu setting, now I know the tv had a repair for some sort of colour fault a few years back so is it possible the guy who fixed it broke something in the service menu?

The tv has another 2 years of warranty left on it (Curry's Anything Happens plan) so I could get someone out to look at it but if it's a simple setting then it would save a lot of problems. It's easy enough to get into the service menu, it's just where to look. lol.

Anyone got any ideas?



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