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LG 50PQ2000 showing vertical noisy line - faulty set or bad case of IR?


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Hi everybody,

First let me thank you all, the discussions over here helped me a lot in choosing this TV set. At first I was set on the Panasonic models, but the 2009 50-inchers were too expensive, and the 2008 ones (actually, the only one 50-incher available over here was 50PV8) were out of stock. So I took the plunge and bought this LG 50PQ2000, and until now I'm very pleased with it overall - picture quality, looks, connectivity, tuners and so on.

However, I'm a little worried of a glitch in the picture, don't know if it's a fault or just IR. I could really use your opinion on this, maybe someone else encountered this too. So here are the symptoms:

- There's a vertical line over the picture (and over the OSD, too), that appears from time to time at start (I spotted it 3-4 times until now).
- It appears only when the set is started after being off for a long period, like overnight.
- It won't go off if I stop and start the TV again, or if I change channels. However it would go off by itself after a time, like 5 minutes or so, sometimes even faster. After disappearing, it never reappears while turned on.
- It's not a solid line, but more like some noise over the image.
- It always appears in the same place, on the left side. At first I was sure this is IR because it was very close to the edge of the grey band that shows when watching 4:3 content. However the right side is fine, with no lines showing.
- I used no special "run in" method for the set, I simply have it set on low contrast and brightness, under 50% for both. Right now it has about 60 running hours.

Here are a couple of lousy photos and a movie that show the line in action, and then disappearing (at 1:24 in the movie). So sorry for the quality of those, but I didn't have a camera at hand at that moment :(, so I used my cell phone. Hope it'll be enough to get an idea of it.

YouTube - LG 50PQ2000 Plasma TV set showing strange vertical line on left side


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its not IR, its a board/panel fault more than likely, and would either need a repair or replacing.
probably a broken solder, or loose component if doing it from cold, and when heated up, works fine, so an LG engineer would be the best person to get in


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Yeah the heat up thing sounds logical to me. Well then, I guess I'll have to get it exchanged or repaired under warranty...I just hate getting it down from there, this thing is so damn heavy :).


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For the peace of heart of all actual and future buyers of this model, you shell know that I've got this solved under warranty some time ago. As RottenFox said, it was indeed an imperfect connection.

The technicians come at my place and took the back plate off. It looks like one of the screen connectors was making an imperfect contact with the mainboard, so everything they had to do was to unplug all screen connectors from the board, spray all contacts with cleaning spray and put everything back. It was a 30 minute job and from then on the set works great.

I am very pleased with the set as it covers all my needs. The TV market changes fast so I can't speak for the present, but at that time it definitely was one of the best buys in that size.

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