LG 50PC55 or Samsung PS-50C62H


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Hello everyone!

Finally I managed to gather some money for a 50" screen. I have a really nice electronics discounter around the corner and he is willed to sell me the LG 50PC55 or the Samsung PS-50C62H for 900GBP.
I tried to read up some infos and reviews on the LG, but i couldnt find any for the Samsung.
So basically my questions are:
1. Is the price ok?
2. Which one of them should I take, any outstanding differences?
3. The LG has 12.5 bit, any idea about the Samsung?

Thank you very much for any advice and help here.. Im just too confused because of all that specs and thingies....

so long,



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Not really, the LG can be picked up for under £700 online. Do you live in the UK? These aren't exactly the newest models of TV, you could get much better for the money i.e the sucessors to the models you were looking at: LG 50PG3000 (DigitalDirect are even doing the 50PG6000 for £915), Samsung PS50A4.


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Not sure if it's because you'd like to buy from a bricks and mortar shop but that screen is available for around £700 online by the looks of a quick google. I think it's one of a previous generation of LGs. I believe the new 50PG6000, which by a lot of accounts is a nice tv, is available for about £1000. Have a quick look on this plasma forum for the PG6000 thread.


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I live in Austria and I just found an online prize-comparison site. Basically the prizes are just like 5% off, so it seems that those sets are way cheaper in UK.
But you were right, the newer models are around 1000 GBP.

As my threshold is reached at 900GBP, it seems that I better go for a new 42", maybe the Panasonic TH42PX8E, looks like an up-to-date model for a good prize (600GBP).
Any other suggestion, even for a nice 50", would be very welcomed.

Thanks everyone!

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