LG 49UM7050PLF (Feedback/Quick Review)

Just took delivery of this set as a replacement for the Hisense and have spent a few hours setting up and trying to get the best picture quality for all inputs which has proved a bit of a task as it not to my taste in any mode really but i am being a bit picky as i am trying to match the Samsung Q9 in the lounge which is a very big ask.
Most of the picture modes are a bit tinted for my taste but some do match OK with the various inputs/apps but for Sky Q the only way i could get anywhere near
a decent picture was using vivid mode with backlight and contrast turned down this gave a pretty decent un toned picture and quit acceptable,
Sound quality is pretty bad and i couldn't find a more or adjustments where it was not either too soft to hear detail and just too loud when the action started.

It does everything else pretty well streams from all my network sources very well without any glitches and same goes fro connected USB HDD i do find the navigation a bit of a faf but i am sure i will find some shortcuts once i get used to it its a bedroom TV so will be used for gaming which it also does pretty well too and watching films mainly and i may see is i can add some external speakers but it doesn't support Bluetooth so i will have to look into that but not to bad for the price not quite as good as the Hisense in some respects but better in others so swings and roundabouts.

I could find no reviews or much info so this may help somebody looking fo a cheap TV.

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