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Took delivery of my first smart TV Saturday & still getting into the controls. First impression, the PDF manual is rubbish, doesn't find half the queries I entered. Last night we watched the BBC episode of Poldark, & was surprised when it started as there was a female voice giving a commentary on the action. I had a quick look through the sound options, but as we didn't want to miss the action, gave up trying to remove the background voice. When the show finished, I had another go & think I have removed it, but as there hasn't been a similar transmission since can't be sure. I have it now set at internal speaker only, I think it was set on Internal speaker + Audio Out (optical). Can anyone confirm this?


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The commentary is called Audio Description (AD). I don't know where the option for it is on that TV but as it's an accessibility feature manufacturers are usually pretty good about sticking to the same name.
If you want to turn 'Audio Description' on or off on a webOS TV you have to long press the 'mute' button on your remote control.

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Last night I sat down to watch the last episode of Ripper Street, bugger me the commentary was back, I fiddled with the volume control but couldn't shift it. When the show finished, I took a good look at the remote & low & behold there it was, the AD button, I pressed it & a flag came up AUDIO DESCRIPTION OFF, pressed it again & it came back on!!! problem finally solved, thanks to all those who offered their suggestions.
Just the job.:clap:

Good... Like any new TV 'operating system', there's a learning curve ;)

Just wait until you start adding and deleting your favourite 'apps'... lol


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I ordered a LG LH604V from Amazon and received a LH615V model instead. On visiting the LG UK website and speaking to a LG rep I was informed this is an Eastern European model and is not supported by LG UK so have sent it back and hoping the correct one is delivered, the only problem is it was supplied by a third party Amazon seller.
Just-so-you-know... The "LH's" are all last years models @millfield ;)

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