LG 49UF680V 4k or SAMSUNG UE48H6400 3d


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Hi All

Been down to view some TVs in currys today. I saw these two sets at the same price

LG 49UF680V Televisions - 49” ULTRA HD 4K TV - LG Electronics UK

Samsung 48-Inch H6400 Series 6 Smart 3D Full HD LED TV

I was all set to get the samsung but seeing a 4k at the same price set a cat amongst the pigeons of my purchase decision.
One problem was that I couldnt see the samsung running, because the helpful currys salesman said that they cant just show it running because its on a timing loop. So I could only look at the menus, some help that was! Then he said we have the LG for the same price and its a 4k. It looked impressive enough, although next to a Samsung 4k that was twice the price it looked a bit drab, albeit clear picture.
I also have an issue whether my old QED 1.3 hdmi cables that i traced into our walls/behind fireplace will handle 4k. Salesman said something about they might work but possible will only do 2k and then will eventually burn out. I personally smelt bullsh*t but then i maybe wrong, i`m out of date with tech these days.
I`m not really bothered about 3D, I just want to change our 15 year old plasma to something more up to date. But got to say the 4k televisions really looked impressive, but then I always thought perhaps it 2-3 years i`d upgrade again to OLED.

Any suggestions?


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