LG 49CX5LC vs Sony KD48A9


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Hi everyone,

I may be able to convince the other half about a new TV but realistically will be limited to below 50”, which I can live with to be fair. Currently have an LED Panasonic 40DX700, which to be fair isn’t a terrible set but the motion does annoy me along with some fuzziness in the background ina fast moving scene say when the camera is in a car and the background looks fuzzy, if that makes sense?

Anyway, if can swing the new tv I’m tempted for an OLED. Main usage is sky including sports, Netflix, prime, Disney, no gaming these days with 2 kids.

I’m looking at these two TVs and had been leaning towards the Sony as I understand it’s the better picture quality and handles motion better. However in Costco at the minute the LG is down to £1079, which is very tempting and quite cheaper than the Sony. With the Sony I know I could possibly get a refurb and add 5yr warranty for say £1150 all in but that isn’t always risk free. It’s probably preferable to buy new but not a deal breaker.

What are peoples thoughts on the LG for motion and sport in particular?

Finally, my other challenge applicable to both is that I have Sony ZF9 soundbar. Both of these sets sit pretty flush. I wouldn’t want to replace our current TV stand and my wife certainly wouldn’t. Aside from wall mounting are there any other solutions?

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Slight bump, be interested to get peoples views with the LGs on offer.

I’ve definitely been leaving towards the Sony due to feedback on motion and as a non-gamer making the HDMI 2.1 thing a non issue. Obviously the Sony just seems to hold its price well. Maybe need to convince my wife about going to 55” and looking at the A8?


First of all, I'm a big Sony TV fan. They make fantastic TVs, whether LCD or OLED, but the downside is they often have eye watering prices.

I've just bought an LG 55" CX OLED here in Qatar (only £800 after a lot of haggling at Jumbo Electronics, the main LG retailer). I have to say the motion on the LG is superb, as good as my old Pioneer Kuro Plasma. There is no Sony A9 OLED available here in Qatar, only the A8 series so wanted something newer and the LG CX was perfect for the price.


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Thank you for the feedback, especially the comment about motion as that is something that bugs me at the minute. It’s good to know the LG should be fine for that.

£800 is a truly exceptional price!! If I could a new 55 CX for that I think that would seal it and I’d ignore comments on here about the Sony having the slightly better PQ vs the LG. Agree about the higher prices for Sony’s, difficult to know if truly warranted or not unless you have both sets to compare side by side.

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