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Thought id post this here, Just about to buy the above TV but was still concerned about the input lag while gaming so sent an email to support, Here it is with the reply, Can anyone confirm this is correct?

Received Date : 13/12/2011 17:20 31
The type of inquiry : Software/Hardware updates
Product/Model No. : Conventional/Flat TV/47LW550T

Hi, Seriously considering buying this model after viewing it but am aware of some serious input lag issues while gaming. Is this issue likely to be fixed via a software update or is it unfixable? as a fairly serious gamer this is an important question for me before i buy.
Many thanks


Thank you for contacting LG Electronics

Dear Sean Blackmore

Thank you for your email regarding this matter

There is a software update for this porblem already out once the unit is connected via an ethernet cable to the internet, there is an option called support in the menu which allows you to do a software update via your TV which will cure the problem.

I hope this has been of some assistance to you. Please do not hesitate in contacting us again should you require any further advice. Best Regards_____________, LG Electronics UK Helpdesk, LG Customer Services, UK: 0844 847 5454, Mon-Fri 9am to 8pm Sat 9am-6pm Sun 11-5pm

Best regards,
LG Electronics UK Helpdesk
LG Customer Services
UK: 0844 847 5454 Ireland: 0818 27 6954
Mon-Fri 9am to 8pm Sat 9am-6pm Sun 11am-5pm



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I done the update and so far so good. just been testing the PS3 on it. Played 5 online races in Motorstorm apocalypse in 3d and it was bang on like. Couldnt notice any lag at all. I bought my 650T purely for gaming and a bit of football action. I have the 4.00.18 firmware updated on mine. i believe there are other 4.xx updates too but ive only updated mine once so far.

I take it youve renamed the HDMI1 to 'PC' using the 'input' button on the remote ?


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Thanks for the reply, I haven't purchased yet as I was holding back due to the lag issue but as long as its now ok-ish I will go ahead I think.


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I thought i replied to this thread just minutes ago but my post is gone.

Sheep - I do masses of online gaming and this whole 'inout lag' issue was throwing me off as well. i bought my LW650T just two days ago, one firmware update to 4.00.18 and tinkering with the display settings on my xbox 360 and PS3 have sorted this out.

IF you play on the original firmware and not renaming HDMI1 to PC - you will notice the lag. But upgrading FW to 4.xx, changing the HDMI1 input to PC and setting your display settings from xbox 360/PS3 will do the tric to a point where you cant even notice the lag at all.

MW3, all the buttons are responsive - when i hit A my dude will jump immediatley. When i go to throw a grenade, he throws it straight away, when I pull the trigger to shoot - its also immediatley. AS I said in another post, for 4-5 hours last night on MW3 i was getting k/d scores of around 40-20 each game without fail.

I also tried out Motorstorm on the PS3 online in 3D, played 5 races, came first in two of them and couldnt notice any input lag either. So for me just now, its as perfect as itl get (and by perfect I mean I simply cannot notice the lag and it doesnt effect my gaming what so ever). I would notice the lag as I am quite a critical person and tend to pick up on little things such as this. But from what ive experienced so far its all good.

Also mentioned in another post, im going to try out VGA cable for Xbox 360 to see what difference it makes. However as Im not having any issues with HDMI, im not so sure ill notice any differences using VGA unless it makes it worse. But people have said it helps the input lag so we'll see.

I'd go for the tv, get it home set it up, tweak your gaming settings and test it out for yourself. Everyones different, but I know Im one of the fussier folk when it comes to gaming, so the fact Im not complaining must be saying something. If your not happy then you can always return it I guess and go for another make/model ?

**apologies for missing letters in some words, my keyboards needing a make-over**


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I made sure the the display settings were both set to output 1080p and also set the screen size to 42".

Im going to put a video up soon to show zero lag. Tried to record using my phone video camera earlier but its just the crappiest camera around and the quality was superbad. So I wont have the video up until after Christmas as ill have to borrow my oldmans HD one.

Ive also played a few games of fifa12 online and no input lag there. Have also tested out Black Ops online, uncharted3, killzone 3 and MK9 over this weekend. All play perfect and all presses on the control pad are mirrored immediatley on the tv, there is no delay.

Ive seen some videos of people having the issue, so theres gotta be something that these people are not doing properly. Maybe their firmware is the issue, or it could be some settings on the tv or consoles theyve overlooked, I really dont know. I would never had splashed out 750 on this TV if i couldnt play either my PS3 or xbox 360 properly on it, as this is what its getting used for most of the time. If i felt this TV was no good for my gaming, i would have returned it by now and got my hard earned 750 quid back.


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Right I bought the 550t yesterday and am loving it, Obviously the first thing I did was upgrade the firmware to 05.01.10 and then went xbox testing. Well if theres lag I cant see it, I play a lot of online first person shooters and Like Jmarston I would definately know if it was bad, I tried Battlefield 3 using 2-3d and there was a very very slight delay but nothing to worry about. I then tried black ops using the 3d setting and it was lagless, 3d was good but not sure I could play it like that lol stuck in my ways I think. Watched strictly coming dancing 3d and toy story 3 3d and am so impressed with the quality of the 3d picture. 2d Hd is almost as good. Still got a lot of playing to do just need to tweak the picture to perfection now....HELP lol..


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Thats good news :). Ive still not updated the firmware to 5.xx on mine yet. Still need to mess with my settings aswell, the only thing ive done whilst watching tv is turn TrueMotion off haha. Is an awesome tv and im really pleased with the 3D as well. Uncharted 3 in 3D will blow anyone away.

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