LG 47LE7900, or any other £1000 range LCD


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My out of warranty LG 47inch LCD had a blown power unit, so Argos have kindly offered to supply me with a brand new set. My model is no longer available, so I can choose any TV from the catalogue for my original £900 price paid, or upgrade if I add the extra cash.

I’ve narrowed it down to the LG 47LE7900 which is just £100 extra, but I can only find a review of the 42 inch model, which criticises the performance of the edge lit LED system. Apparently the local dimming gives inconsistent results, and if you are watching a dark scene then you can see a slim line of brightness around the whole picture edge.

Can anyone confirm if this is a major issue, or just something that you will see just occasionally, in which case I can probably live with it. Argos also have a Sony edge lit LED for an extra £200, but a user review on Amazon was very critical of the edge lit LED system. Is it just a gimmick to make the panel thinner – which I’m not really bothered about.

Also, the 47LE7900 is currently out of stock and it’s been ages organising the replacement, but the 47LE5900 is the same price and currently in stock – the only difference appears to be Bluetooth and Picture Wizard, but I think I can live without these. I don’t see how these two features originally made the 7900 £200 pounds more expensive before the price drop.

If anyone could recommend or offer any advice on any TV which is around £900 - £1000 from the Argos range, I’d be very, very grateful.

Thanks everyone.


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Is there any chance you could return the new TV within 28 days and get a refund?

If you can I'd get the Panasonic 46" GT30 for around £1250. Pay that little bit more so you have 3D for the future as it doesn't come with glasses.


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Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm not sure if they would do a refund. I originally paid £900 for the LG 47LH4000 around 18 months ago (I could see it for £800 elswhere, but most places were out of stock and I'm a total impatient git, so I paid the extra £100 so that I could have it delevered from Argos). It's 6 months out of warranty, and engineer report said it was a faulty power unit and quoted about £450 for a replacement. Argos have honoured the sale of good act, and I guess they can source a new TV for the same price as paying for the repair. I thought they would have offered to give me an equivilant model, which looks to be an LG for around £550 on their website, but they have said that I can choose any model for my original £900, which I feel is more that fair.

But I doubt if I could return the replacement set and ask for a full £900 refund. Nice idea though.

Also, I'm mega paranoid about screen burn, so I'm nervous about plasma. My son and I clock up many hours of playstation use and worried about the effects.


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I've read the review of that G20 and it does sound like a cracking set, probably much better that the LG LCD. It's just that I would feel nervous when playing PS, especially in the early stages of it's use.

Having said that, I've just got the Yellow Light of Death on my PS3, so that won't be an issue for a while !

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