LG 47LD950 3D LCD TV - 3D Issue

Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by steve_woodward, Aug 8, 2013.

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    Can anyone can help identify this fault and perhaps point me in the direction of where I might get some quotes to get it repaired?

    I bought this TV from Best Buy in Dec 2011 and it had a problem with picture quality that gradually got worse. I had it fixed by them in Nov 2012 and I was very happy with it when it was returned to me. Unfortunately I didn't test the 3D mode on its return and it was only during the summer that the kids wanted to watch a Disney film in 3D that I found the problem.

    LG of course are not interested because it is out of warranty and I cannot prove that the problem was caused by their repair.

    Below are some samples of what happens. When entering 3D mode the screen shows top left 3rd of screen fuzzy but not 3D. 3d mode does this from all sources (Usb, bluray & sky 3d). This worked fine before TV was repaired.

    LG 47LD950 3D LCD TV - 3D Issue - USB Test File
    - 3D clip from USB port

    LG 47LD950 3D LCD TV - 3D Issue Sky 3D
    - Sky 3D showing problem

    LG 47LD950 3D LCD TV - 3D Issue Sony BDP-S480 3D
    - Sony 3d player Wreck it Ralph 3d



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