LG 43UN74 006LB 43" Television: no headphone socket. How to manage??


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Nor sure if anyone else has bought this particular LG model. But I'm seriously wishing I hadn't. Now in my 70s I made a mistake of thinking that some things in life are constants -- like headphone sockets on televisions. It never occurred to me to need to check the small print spec of this particular purchase before acquiring it in last year's Curry's Christmas sale.

I unfortunately suffer from bouts of insomnia from time to time, and with my old 2010-purchased Sony Bravia it was a simple matter of connecting up my Philips wired headphones to be able to watch a DVD or Humax recording at any time of the night without disturbing my wife asleep upstairs.

I cannot see how I am unique in wanting to both listen to and watch a TV at hours when others may be sleeping and likely to be disturbed.

I am not in the slightest bit tecchy so was completely lost when I read on another forum (not this one) about ensuring that I use the TV's optical out (whatever that is) and an optical connector cable with a headphone socket, at one end of the lead, items which I would've thought related to seeing stuff rather than hearing stuff.

Someone on Amazon UK, not exactly the font of all wisdom, recommended purchasing a soundbar to go with this particular LG TV, this due to the fact that its sound is nothing like the quality both Curry's and the manufacturer represent it to be. They said not only would the TV sound much better but that soundbars have a socket into which one can plug headphones. Sadly, as yet, I haven't found any soundbar with a headphone socket.

If anyone knows how I can get round the problem of the missing headphone socket, and can explain -- to this absolute non-tecchy -- what steps I need to take, and with what kind of equipment, that'f be hugely appreciated. Sincere thanks!

As for LG, I'd thought it was a premier brand but now -- too late -- realise that it isn't: penny-pinching on headphone socket circuitry is pretty crass, and LG's/ Curry's mendacity about the TV's superb 'surround sound' an insult to the customer's intelligence.


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Many thanks Timb1964 for that info; it was particularly kind of you to provide an Amazon link, otherwise I could easily have been fumbling round in the dark as it were. I've popped the item onto my Amazon wish list pending the price reductions from November 21st next when 'Black Friday' kicks in. No guarantee, of course, that this unit will be in the sale but no harm in hanging on a little longer to find out.

Again, sincere thanks: much appreciated!
I'm going through the same process at the moment for the same reasons!I already have one of those DAC converters which works but there is a fundamental problem. The optical output of my 43UP81006LR does not have any volume control from the TV's remote. You will need a DAC with a built in amplifier to control the volume in your headphones. They can be very expensive if one is concerned with audio HiFi quality. I have ordered a cheaper one, should come tomorrow. I'll let you know how I get on.
Not sure how to post a link.....
Amazon product


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hi Phosphoric:

BIG THANKS for being kind enough to post -- really appreciate it! (Drinks all round!) I hadn't realised there'd be a need for amplifier control so I'm glad I held off until today (Black Friday) to go ahead with my proposed purchase of the £13.99 Linkfor DAC unit.

Your link has worked perfectly -- well done! And I see that today, Amazon is offering a 20% reduction on the £29.99 Linkfor DAC unit, bringing it down to just £23.99 -- so only ten squiddies more than the non-amp'd version.

In truth, none of this messing around should be necessary. I regard LG's behaviour as contemptible. Aside from the fact that the TV has a high quality screen, everything else about the darn thing makes me bitterly regret I ever bought it, what with its ridiculous waving-around "Magic Stick" and an insanely over-complicated way of doing even the smallest simplest thing. The principle of Keep It Simple Stupid is one that LG's designers have clearly never encountered, lost as they seemingly are in a barely post-pubertal showing off.

As for the company's support I can't even find a diagram of the rear of this particular set -- using the online Support link resulted in the download of a preposterous / pretentious zip file packed to the brim with an emulation of its idiotic website. According to its corporate slogan, LG used to stand for 'Life's good'; I now realise the L actually stands for 'Lousy' but haven't yet figured out the rest of it.

Right. Back to Amazon now to buy the £23.99 DAC while there's still time to enjoy the 20% discount. And once again, sincere thanks!!

Amazon product
Lucky you pritcuss, getting the 20% discount. I received mine this afternoon and it's really quite small and discrete. I bought a cheap 5m optical cable to run round the skirting from TV to side table next to my seat, easy reach for volume control. Also close to a power point for the USB power supply that is needed. All works great so far.


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BIG THANKS -- again!! -- to Phosphoric, and commiserations about pricing; I'm beginning to feel guilty now. Amazon say the unit has been despatched and will be delivered to me tomorrow, so hopefully my experience will be the same as Phosphoric's.

As to JayCee: well, I never; 'Lucky Goldstar' sounds more like a neighbourhood Chinese restaurant than an electronics company; I'd never have guessed! Thanks for the heads-up!

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