Question LG 43UM7400PLB - Acceptable IPS Glow?


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I recently decided to replace my TV and after a fair bit of research (including Dodgexander's excellent My best value TVs post), I went for the LG 43UM7400PLB. This TV seemed a good match because the room has a lot of natural light (multiple windows plus a skylight) and a wide viewing angle was needed. The built in Freesat HD tuner and decent smart TV features were also major selling points.

My viewing is limited to TV shows and movies and the main sources are Freesat HD, streaming at up to FHD and DVDs (yes I know!).

I was initially very pleased with the LG 43UM7400PLB until I tried watching in low light. I know the blacks can't rival a VA panel but the IPS glow is awful and really distracting. Dark scenes are especially bad with the black borders in films merging into the picture. I have spent a while changing settings and tried calibration settings for the LG UM7300. This has reduced the effect but it is still very noticeable as you can see below.

IPS Glow.jpg

Is this to be expected and counted as acceptable for a TV like this or should it be returned as faulty?

These are the picture settings I am currently using.

- Picture Mode Settings
-- Picture Mode = Expert (Bright Room)
-- Customise
--- Backlight = 50
--- Contrast = 90
--- Brightness = 50
--- Sharpness = 0
--- Colour = 50
--- Tint = 0
-- Expert Controls
--- Dynamic Contrast = Off
--- Super Resolution = Off
--- Colour Gamut = Auto
--- Gamma = 2.2
--- White Balance
---- Colour Temperature = Warm2
---- Method = 2 Points
---- Point = High
---- Red = 0
---- Green = 0
---- Blue = 0
--- Colour Management System
---- Colour = Red
---- Saturation = 0
---- Tint = 0
---- Luminance = 0
-- Picture Options
--- Noise Reduction = Off
--- MPEG Noise Reduction = Off
--- Smooth Gradation = Off
--- Black Level = Low
--- Real Cinema = On
--- Motion Eye Care = Off
--- TruMotion = Off
- Aspect Ration Settings = 16:9
- Energy Saving = Off
- Picture Test
- Additional Settings
-- Eye Comfort Mode = Off
-- HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Colour
-- Instant Game Response

Are there any settings which you would suggest changing that might help this issue?



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Doesn’t it say to use Expert Dark Room?
Thanks for the suggestion and I did start with that setting. However, the only difference between Expert (Dark Room) and Expert (Bright Room) is the backlight setting (80 vs 100). After watching AVForums LG 55UF950V 4K TV Picture Settings on YouTube, I reduced the backlight to 50 which made the biggest improvement on the IPS glow issue and is where I am now.

I did also try setting the backlight to 40 but couldn't see any difference in low light conditions. 40 was detrimental to day time viewing (as you would expect) and so I stuck with 50.

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