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Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by thierfeu, Oct 29, 2004.

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    after MANY MANY questions in there, i've decided to order a LG 42PY10

    I balanced a long time between this one and Panny 42PA(E)30

    But :

    1) The lack of futureproof of the Panny (resolution, digital inputs)

    2) the overall design of the LG (100% WAF vc Panny 50% WAF)

    3) the attractive price on LG and 5yrs warranty I'v got (3500 euro in France)

    4) the viewing of a HD movie on the LG :thumbsup:

    finished to convince me to select the LG 42PY10
    shipping 12 november for my birthday

    review in this thread as soon as I have it

    Thanks again to every people who helped me to make my mind (especially hornydragon, graham, maw sorry for the one i forgot)

    PS : I didn't say panny was bad, I really loved it's picture. I just say panny didn't achieve my GEEK's expectations. I really would have bought a DVI/1024x768 Panny if avialable in Europe (once again we are the bargain market for US/JPN manufacturers) :mad: :mad:

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