LG 42PX5D HDMI no Blu-ray or XBox DVD Sound


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Hi guys,

I am at my wits end here with my 4 year old LG 42PX5D Plasma. HELP:lease:

I recently bought an LG Blu-ray player and connected it to the sole HDMI port on the back of the TV. Picture perfect but no sound. No combination of leads or settings were able to correct the sound issue. I returned the player for a replacement but encountered the exact same issue. I have now bought a Sony BDP-S380 and I have the exact same issue - perfect picture - no sound whatsoever! No matter what settings or cables I use, I cannot correct the issue.

I also have the same issue with my XBox360 via HDMI. Games work perfectly but as soon as I put a DVD in the system, the sound disappears!

My Sky+ HD box however works perfectly. This was bought at the same time as the TV and this also uses the sole HDMI port.

I should point out that I have an HDMI switch to supply the Sky, XBox and eventually Blu-ray to the single HDMI port but for the purpose of getting the Blu-ray to work it is currently connected directly to the TV using the Sky+ HD HDMI cable.

I called LG customer support about this issue who went through various settings and basic checks but were unable to issue a resolution to the issue. They asked me to call a local out-of-warranty repair engineer who were unable to do any diagnosis over the phone - either £300 just for them to pick it up and look at it or a long drive to drop the set off only for them to say there's nothing wrong!!

I see a lot on the Internet about HDCP authentication...is it possible my "HD Ready" TV is actually only "Partly HD Ready"????

There's a pint in this for anyone who can get it working!!! Cheers!

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