LG 42PX5D - cable tv picture not great. - HELP!!



I bought my LG yesterday but i'm having problems getting a grea picture on Telewest. Any thoughts?????????

My telewest is connected by a scart lead in Plasma and I get access on the screen via AV1. the picture is not as sharp as the Freeview channels which are digital
I think you need to give us some information on your equipment and the connections you are using.

1.How have you got the telewest box connected to the screen?

2. have you got the telewest box set up to use RGB (if connected with a scart lead).

Ok I see that you done an edit to include some more info.


How do you set up telewest box set up to use RGB (if connected with a scart lead).
I cannot be sure as I don't have a telewest box. But on my sky+ box I go to 'system set up' - 'picture settings' and set the video output to RGB. Maybe it's set to PAL at the moment.

Somebody with a telewest box can tell you exactly how to do this. Just have a look around in your menu.


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I have NTl, not Telewest, but on the NTL boxes you press the settings button and go down to visual settings and change to 16:9 and RGB.

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