Lg 42px3rva Ideal Colour Temp Settings


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Hi all :hiya:

Have been following the threads on the 42PX3RV (how good is it) for some time and there have been some great postings - many thanks Stainway.

I thought I would start a new thread on the PX3RV (A) regarding colour tempratue settings, as I feel the factory and user presets are not accurate,
and that the default colour settings is way off daylight (6500K) especially when viewing via RGB Scart, Freeview and terestial.

Using a Samsung HD850 via HDMI on default colour settings is ok but not perfect.

Someone out there may have the ideal settings.

My first stab is Red +5, Blue +5 & Green -10

I throw out the challange.

Cheers all


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Mike I had almost the same settings at the begin. But after more then 500 hours I came back to normal in colour settings. However try to set good the contrast and the brightness. I had the first 250 hours my contrast at 53, but now I am watching at 67, brightness 55.colour 29, sharp.21.ACM all at 1, XD engine on.
However I did try your settings and they looks also good, but for colour settings I guess it is also question of taste.
BTW. Does the HDMI look good?


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Hi Stainway

HDMI - blows everything else away. Colour - sharpness - virtually no solorisation.
I though component output was good until I plugged in the Samsung HD850 and set it to 720 on HDMI.

I ventured into my local "Comet" store the other day to purchase better component leads as the cheap one I got turned out to be a false economy. They were crap. Using Ice age as a reference the shadows on any "ice or snow" shots had a really nasty yellow tinge.

The Monster component cables they were selling for the length I needed were over £100. A bit expensive perhaps, but prepared to shell out. I came across the Toshiba 350 HDMI player being demonstrated on an PX11 and was very impressed. The Tosh was priced at £99. Not bad I thought. And was tempted. Does not come with any HDMI cable said the salesman and the cheapest they had in stock was at £80. That would put the total cost at £180. Quite tempted. However says the salesman, the Samsung sells for the same price and includes the HDMI cable.

Rushed away and did some research on the Samsung HD850 and was duly impressed with what I found. Went back to Comet and managed to get them to demo the HD850 next to the Toshiba.

Which was better? hard to tell. Both units had there pro's and con's. HDMI performance on the HD850 seemed a little more cinematic. So went for the Samsung.

I was impressed with this player being hooked up to the PX11. On the PX3RVA it's just - "WOW" -

To cap it all I mentioned to the salesman that the HD950 was now available. Forgot to mention that the 950 is DVD-A & SACD compatable, hoping that as a "Comet" salesman he might be quite clueless. He was and promptly gave me a 20% discount.

:D So I now have a HD850 and am very happy :D

Ice age now shines as it should.

The supplied HDMI cable is not bad but I will upgrade soon, but not a Comet's prices. So any sugestions.

Changed colour temp settings again and will post some of my findings. That's if I can pull myself away from re-viewing my DVD collection on the Samsung.




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Glad to hear, I am also thinking of getting DVD with HDMI, but at the moment my JVC is giving me great Pic with hi-end component cable.Also get yourself a good scart cable for the Humax it makes picture more crisp and clean then el cheapo one.
I would wait until 400 hours of use, then the screen does not change anymore. And I would check once more the contrast and the brightness after lets say 400 hours.
About the colours-I don't like the warm settings from the LG it makes everything a bit yellow for my taste, but at the moment I am with almost your settings-red+4,blue +4 and green -5 and just watched few hours TV-it looks great.


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Hi Stainway

Settings at red -6; green +12; blue +15
Gamma settings in service menu @ 2 ( takes the edge away from harsh shadow areas )

contrast 58, bright 55, colour 28, sharp 30, xd on

watched Kingdom of Heaven via HDMI and looked fab.

For RGB and terestial I turned contrast down a couple of notches to 55.



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Mike,it looks like nobody care about the colour temperature settings.
Well I spend today most of the time calibrating the screen with the DVE disk and their colour filter.
I did try also with gamma settings on 2, but then I had trouble to get the correct brightness.
Anyway with gamma at 0 the results are:
Scart RGB at AV1 (digital box)
Sharpness-11 (actually according to the DVI disk you dont need the sharpness at all-it;s just extra noise added to the signal)
Red +6
Green +5
Blue -6

With component:
XD-OFF (it looks like with hi quality signals you don't need any further improvements from the XD engine)

Red -1
Green +4
Blue -5

Well this should be something near the 65k colour temp.I asked also friend of mine to watch with the colour filter, because I could be wrong when I was setting up.

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