LG 42PX3RVA. Does it have PIP?


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I am almost certainly going down the LG route now as it is the only screen that meets my requirements for the money. I just have a few questions:

Does the single tuner version have PIP? (So I can watch Sky and use PC)

Is it really HD rdy? Will this give me any advantage when I buy my PS3?

Whats the best way to connect to my PC? DVI to HDMI or standard RGB?

Any thing else I should now before I take the plunge?

Many thanks for your help. These forums have been very useful to me whilst making this decision. =)


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It's a great TV I have the PX3RV since almost 3 months and I am very happy.

About the PIP-sorry, but the PX3RVA has no PIP (the PX3RV-yes).

Is HD compatible, not ready, which mean it will accept HD signals and display them, but it will always fit on the native resolution?

About the PC-I haven’t connect it yet, but I hear that RGB (VGA) input works just great, anyway if you Video card support DVI out I would connect it with DVI-HDMI (just keep the signal digital)


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Thanks. I am going to shop around now for the best deal. As much as I would like the PIP it's not worth the extra £250.

This time next week I should have my screen.

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Just gotta decorate my lounge now before I set it all up. =(


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I have had my PX3RVA for nearly 6 weeks and I am very pleased with it.

However there might be a way to get the XP3RV for the same price as the RVA

After ordering my 3RVA from DD ( Never again) I poped into my local Curry's store. Asked if I wanted help, I pointed to the 3RV they had in stock. Said I was interested but not at curry's price. had seen it for £1124 on the net. Promptly said they would price match.

I didn't mention that the net price was for the 3RVA.

Try. What have you got yo lose !


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