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I have recently installed a LG 42PX11 plasma and am not sure whether I should switch off the unit from the remote control (stand-by) when I go to bed at night and would not be using it for the next 18 hours or whether it would be better to switch it off from the main switch located under the left speaker.

Which option is recommended?


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I personally turn mine off overnight. When left on standby, it is consuming a very small amount of power. Now in the event of a thunderstorm or something overnight you could run the risk of it getting mains spikes and damaging the power supply, but to be honest this is just as likely during the day.
Get a good filtered mains socket and plug it into that. Whether you turn it on or off it up to you.


The main power button removes all power to the unit (as if you switched the plug off). You will lose clock & last menu position but thats it. I do turn mine off using this button. In using the remote standby button this information is retained.

The service menu keeps track of how the unit had its power removed etc. :-o


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