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    Hi folks,

    My sisters LG 42PQ6000 Plasma has blown up recently, out of warranty too. She wants another tv but with a small budget. The LG Plasma was a cracking tv, sd quality was great and usb had movie functioning which was a bonus for her.

    So now I'm after another LG was has pretty much the same features, and I'm two mind over the about this, firstly its cheap and has 3D and Freeview HD at this price, is it too good to be true or have prices really slumped? As long as the HD and the 3D is average don't mind recommending this to her.

    In terms of quality any one know how this compares to her previous LG and is the panel any good?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    £380 LG 42PW450T | 42 inch 3D Plasma TV HD Ready Freeview HD | Richer Sounds

    Also is Richer Sounds 5 year warranty trustworthy?

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