LG 42PC1DV vs. Hitachi 42PD6A10



Hi everybody,

I can only seem to get contradicting information about the LG 42PC1DV (bought in the UK from, say, Dixons). If you own one, could you please tell me if it has one digital tuner and one analog, or one digital only?

If it only has one digital tuner, it's not what I need. If it has both, it's my final contender with the Hitachi 42PD6A10. Which one would you go for and why?

Thanks a lot!



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i'd also like to know. I've heard all the talk about the LG and there is absolutely zero info on the Hitachi, BUT i have seen the 42PD6A10 in action at Richer Sounds and even using a shared feed, the PQ was the best i've seen, and was highly impressed.

Anyone got a 42PD6A10? :confused:

EDIT - i am comparing the 42PD6A10 to the non V low resolution one, the posted above probably doesn;t realise the V model is low res


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the 6A10 like the 7A10 is the Turkish market varient of the 6600 and 7200 Hitachi screens (6600 was a total shambles with them being recalled) RS import these models for some reason. the 1024x1024 ALIS res of the hitahcis does not make them better and there much lower res screens that can knock spots off the ALIS screens with only 852x480 screens....
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