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Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by connect, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,

    I've asked a few times in the official thread but it's so busy my questions are getting lost! I've just got this TV and so far am very happy with it. There's a few little things I've noticed but nothing I wouldn't expect from an LCD. Would anyone who has this TV be able to tell me the settings for the following. I want to show Avatar at the weekend but want to make it as good as possible for me and my friends.

    1) localised dimming. What do you find best setting for this? What are the positive and negative effects of having in higher and lower?

    2) firmware - I'm on 030326. Is it worth updating it? Would I get better 3D? I notice every now and then a bit of digital blur if you will. Usually around a persons head if they turn it. Is this just an LCD thing or firmware fixable?

    3) does everyone use thx settings for all viewing or just films?

    4) is there anything else you would recommend switch on or off from personal experience?

    5) when you press the 3d button on the remote. There are 5 options. Two of them on the far right are greyed out. What are these?

    6) does this tv accept a full 3d sbs feed via mkv? Or half sbs? Or only sbs via something like a media centre.

    Thanks in advance for any advice. I'm looking forward to my 3D future ha!!
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