LG 42LW550T or Panasonic P42GT30B


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I may get laughed out of here for comparing these, i know the reputation Panasonic has, but i saw a deal for the Panasonic for £899 with 2 pairs of glasses and a blu ray for £899 which seems great value.

I can get the LG with 7 pairs for £749, add on a blu ray and thats about the same price.

I prefer passive 3d from what ive seen so far, cant be bothered to charge glasses and the flicker that ive witnessed does give me eye strain, but knowing how Panasonics are highly rated, would i be mad to pick the LG?

Is the quality difference huge between these two sets?

whats the LG like at playing SD content? I've seen some TVs do this really badly. Also the black level details?

If i saw these 2 TVs side by side playing 2d content, would there be a big difference or would you really have to study to see the difference?

same question for 3d


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I had an offer through from Richer Sounds saying that current Sky customers can get £100 off that particular LG model making it £650. That got me reading some reviews, but I quickly concluded that it was a good TV for a family who wanted a good all-round experience. If you are looking for "best 3D" or "best 2D", etc then go Panasonic. I picked up the TXP42G30 today as I have no interest in 3D atm. Have to say I am mightily impressed, it's brilliant, blows the competition out of the water at the same price point. Good luck, I would definitely have got the GT30 if I could have justified the £300 extra for 3D and the extras. John Lewis' £899 package is superb imho, you won't better it, not with the 5 year warranty included. The published that price after I requested a price match from them last week. Still couldn't tempt me over the G30 though! :smashin:


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just trying to order and my cc declined it form the fraud team! i finally make up my mind and this happens! lol! waiting for the email so i can re-order

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