LG 42LM615T - Good or Bad tv?


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I've just bought this tv after reading a few reviews. Im new here and like some of your opinions pls. I'm no expert in tv's. I bought it because of its PC input so i can hook my pc to it use it as a moniter, full hd bcuz ive only got a HD Ready set samsung. Freeview HD too. Not fussed about 3D but its there for future.
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Hi MQD, and welcome to AVForums.

I've moved your thread to the LCD/LED forum, as you may get a better response in here. Also, I've had to remove the link you included, as we don't allow the use of URL shortening here.



i am gonna bump this instead of creating a new thread but whats the difference between this tv and the LG 42LM615S??

the LG 42LM615S is cheaper then LG 42LM615T, but they both look the same to me

also the LG 42LM3450 is alot cheaper, is it as good? or is it cheaper just because the frame is alot bigger (abit more ugly)

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