LG 42LK530 screens turns on and off after transport


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Hello everyone!

I have transported by car my LG 42LK530 and now the screen turns on and off with the LG starting screen picture (check pictures). The image stays for about 3 seconds after which it seems that it turns off and back on and it repeats. The TV was working perfect before my trip.

I have already:
  • hard reset it (unplug, 10s hold power button, 1h wait, plug in wall)
  • taken down the back case, checked for burns - nothing - checked for loose ends and vacuumed the dust

Problem still persists. I repeat, the TV was working yesterday perfectly, this problems has happened after i transported it by car.

I hope you can help me further as i have not found this problem anywhere else.

Thanks a lot,



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if you cannot fix it you could always look on gumtree to see if any are near you and I would say up to £85 to £100 but check to see if it goes first before. for a used tv LG < Sony or Samsung and Panasonic


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Power and screen appear fine, could be a bad mainboard though.

Not that I advise anyone do this, only if you are confident or have the skills ie Pc building or electronics skills, might be worth disconnecting the power to TV wait an hour, destatic yourself (touch a radiator in home for 20 secs) and then remove the back casing screws and just see if any wires are hanging loose, especially off the mainboard or other boards inside.

Might also be worth disconnecting the power, leave it off for over night and try it next morning, if you reached the point its looking like the bin, maybe try a tv firmware flash via usb as a long shot although that could make it worse so only do so if not planning on a repair job.

I think you have a 42 inch LG tv, fairly old from looks of it. It maybe not worth getting it repaired but if you do get any quotes for it, If they try and charge £150-250 id say its not really worth it.

You should be able to pick up 2nd hand or type "renewed" on amazon for clearance TVs or check Costco I think they had some 43" tvs for £300-330, LG, Samsung brand wise.

Id avoid the tlc, hisense and sharp and other budget brands since they still charge £200-250 and quality is not on same level as samsung, LG, sony stuff imo in regards to budget models.


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Hopefully some retailers online or in romania and not overpriced with luck, personally I would not get it repaired if the cost is coming close to getting a new or pre owned TV.

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