LG 42LH5000 LCD Question


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Right i am totally confused as many retailers including LG are saying difference of opinions but anyway this is it.

In the manual on page 120 it says it can handle dolby digital

So what i am wanting to do is use my hdmi connection from ps3 / xbox into the tv.

then output the sound from hdmi back through digital optical output and disable tv speakers.

then it will connect to my logitech z-5500's and hopefully output dolby digital like it would if i connected my ps3 directly into them as i only have one output on my logitech i would otherwise need to use a switcher which i have been going but now i am sick of it.

If you 100% know question to my answer please let me know as

richer sounds - said it will output stereo although it seems to defeat the purpose of using digital optical cable if that is the case and in the manual it seems so

currys - told me that he has tried it before and it has outputted 5.1

pcworld - woman had no idea what i was on about and put us on phone to her husband which just gave a generic answer about it which is useless.

oh and i rang up LG themselves and some woman had to ask a collegue but supposably it can work too.
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I THINK you can still get 5.1 if you set both the PS3 output to PCM and the same for the TV. this has cropped up before but i must admit quite a few people have fixed opinions! :confused:


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Ive got this tv and ps3 set up to my amp with opti's from both. I'll test the ps3 outputting sound through hdmi and amp switched to tv tonight to see if this works. My gut says no it won't but I'll try and report back.




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I've just tested it with my ps3 and it works with my JVC amp. Both with tv set to auto (which outputs bitstream) and PCM.

Means the optical cable I bought for the ps3 to the amp was a wasted purchase!


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