LG 42LH2000 strange picture problem


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Hi there,

I wonder if anyone could shed any light on this. Two days ago I picked up a 42" LG LCD TV, the 42LH2000. At first everything seemed fine (mostly as we were so busy admiring how nice it looked!) but now it's aparrant there's a problem, and I've not experienced it on any other TV so far.

Whenever the picture is dark - i.e. watching Men in Black as was on last night - then the picture shuts off. The sound is still coming through loud and clear, but there's no picture! Further investigation shows it ALWAYS does this whenever the picture's more black than "bright" - end credits of shows, the Wii's startup screen telling me to press A, and a great number of adverts. Whenever the program we're watching shifts from a light scene to a dark scene, the picture goes off completely. Oddly, when we use the V+ remote to bring up the "banner" it makes it light enough to turn the picture back up; and also bringing ANY menu up with the LG remote brings the picture back just fine, but with the menu in front of it!

This problem persists with the HDMI connection to the V+ box, the component connection the Wii is hooked up on, and also the SCART connection which the old DVD player is hooked up to. No amount of changing the settings seems to do anything at all - and I've tried the customary unplugging the connections (from the devices, not the TV - being wall mounted it makes it hard to do that!) and even with only one source plugged in at any one time, this is happening. I also tried changing the settings on the V+ box (HDMI, 720, 720 wide, SCART) all with the same end result. I also did a "Factory reset" on the TV which made no difference at all.

If anyone has a suggestion as to what to do, I'd be very appreciative ... right now we can't watch anything other than brightly coloured programs, which is fine for playing on the Wii but not so great for anything else!


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sounds like you have picture setting on one that supports EYE CARE (Sport AV setting or NATURAL picture setting) which dims the screen - change AV MODE to off and/or choose your own picture settings...

anything but SPORT or NATURAL doesnt have EYE CARE on by default (you can check this under EXPERT CONTROL- i dunno about CINEMA as i cant access mine just now

but if its going COMPLETELY OFF then it could be that theres a fault, take it back....

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