LG 42LC55 Issues


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I have had this set for a fw weeks now and I am very happy with the features of the TV and the PQ which is excellent for what I need. However I do like to watch a lot of DVD's which I will now be putting through a Philips 5960 upscaling DVD player via HDMI. All this may be irrelevant as my issue is with clouding (or Mura) on the set.
It is only ever noticable in very dark scenes or when there is no signal on the screen but the power is on. Each input has it's own settings so I can notice it even more when I switch between inputs.
I know how to get into the service menu but a lot of the stuff in there is in 'code'. I realise this is to stop tampering but I just wondered if there was any service setting that might reduce this clouding.

It seems worse after the set has ben on a while and is most noticable in the top right of the screen where there is also some backlight bleed which looks like the screen is being nipped a bit too tight by the housing (similar effect to pressing on the screen with your hand).

Any advice here? it is from Comet so I don't relish the thought of an engineer coming out and telling me there is nothing they can do then charging me £35.

i mean, just how much bleeding/clouding should you expect? It is nowehere near as bad as some of the pictures I have seen on the net.
It is something like this;

only not quite as bad and only in the upper right of the screen. I should also point out that I have this mounted quite high on the wall without any tilt so that may be amplifying the effect.

Any thoughts?

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