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Hello Everyone, first post here, I hope its not an obvious question, I have done a quick search with apparently no results. Basically i have just purchased one of these lg 42LC46 (seems to be equivalent to LG 42LC55) and in my picture setup menu the XD ENGINE option is greyed out, i.e. inactive, this is on the standard tv input from the aerial into the coax input, I do have the television in digital mode and all other functions are active. Am I doing anything wrong or have I been sold a turkey as the spec says it is powered by the XD engine 2007. One other thing is that the XD demo where the screen is split in half showing it on and off works. Please be gentle with me on my first post, thankyou in advance for any help!

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I had the 32LC56.

The XD engine is on when the settings are grayed out when you select one of the 3 factory set viewing modes.

You can adjust the XD setting by selecting one of the 2 user setting modes in picture menu.



PS. how is the backlight bleeding, especially the top right of the screen????



Thanks for the reply John, that makes perfect sense, I've only had chance to play for an hour or so and was basically doing the old random button press thing so I could have missed it.

With regard to backlight bleed I haven't studied the picture yet under proper conditions (just half an hour of hells kitchen I'm afraid) I'll have a look tonight in a little more detail.

One thing that did strike me is the sound quality (I'm an audio design engineer), much better than expected and I haven't as yet been tempted to fiddle with the graphic eq!


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