LG 42LC2D service menu - what does it all mean?



Okay, on another thread someone suggested that my motion stutter problems on PAL material might be caused by the TV being set to 60Hz as standard (I have an LG 42LC2D). So they instructed me as to how to get into the service menu and change the setting to 50Hz. So far so good - but what am I looking for exactly..? What does it all mean?


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Well I dont know much about this but if it helps 50HZ is the uk standard........I dont know why anything would be set to 60?

The service menu is usually kept a trade secret as its intended for engineers.

A bit like some of the real deep programming menus on computers which are best kept out of unless you are really good.Also the diagnostic sockets on modern cars which are for the technicians only.

Sorry if I have mis understood your question.



Apparently many flat panel LCDs are set to 60Hz as standard - particularly the LG models. The reason I want to access the service menu is because I am experiencing stuttering with PAL material, but it's fine with NTSC material. This has led people to suggest to me that perhaps the TV is set to 60Hz instead of 50. But feel free to correct me on this!


How do you access the Service Menu?? May be able to help?


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Ye hold both the menu button on the set and on the remote for around 10 secs. When you are in the service menu i think you are looking for the PANEL control option in here you will find another option Panel Lock where you can choose 50hz.
note} my model is lg42px5d so may be different from yours

I wouldnt get carried away in the service menu tho it would be daft to start messing with these settings and have heard some pretty scary yarns from folk who have tried tweaking the settings only to find they could not get back to the original settings, probably best to write any original settings down before changing

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