LG 3D 42LW5300 game issue

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I just got my lg 42lw5300 yesterday and i absolutely love it. The 3d is spectacular especially for the price tag of 727.00. Anyways, I have noticed a problem that has hendered me from playing my xbox 360 games properly. I played a match on call of duty: modern warfare 3 last night and the controls felt very weird. I wasn't able to aim at people properly. Its hard to describe but the controls felt like either a small lag or it was really sensitive. This is me playing in 2d. When i would turn my guy left and right, he would turn faster than normal and i wasn't able to aim and shoot the enemies as well as my previous phillips 720p tv. When choosing menus the selection seems to be a delay. I read reviews from amazon about a lag but that was only for 3d. I turned trumotion off but the controls just don't feel right. It feels like my turns are wider and a tad more sensitive than usual. I am normally awesome at call of duty games but in this case, I did horribly. Is there a way i sync the controls to feel like they should or am i SOL? I really love this tv for 3d and i do not want to return this. I also played need for speed the run and the controls on that made my car feel too sensitive like i was turning too sharp at times when on my phillips i wasnt doing that. I hope I explained it right but if I need to provide more clarification i will but if anybody could help me fix it to have the controls feel like they should, I would really appreciate it. Could it be that the tv is 120hz and my other tv was 60hz? If thats the case i hope there is a way to turn down my refresh rate if that's not the case i hope there is a resolution as I have looked through tons of forums and haven't found anything that describes my issue.

update: close this thread...i finally spoke with lg and they said this tv is not meant for gaming as it has a response time of 7msec.
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