LG 37LP1D Where to buy ???


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Hello, I've seen in the forums people saying they have an LG 37LP1d LCD, but where have you bought them from, as I keep hearing from shops as well as LG that the TV has not yet been released, they reckon mid October the latest.

I went to currys and they said they had it in stock however on their website it is out of stock, and being that it no doubt comes from the same warehouse it makes you wonder, and on top of that the salesmen was trying to sell me a samsung maybe cause they really don't have it?, god all I want is the LG dammit. :mad:

How you all find it?? Is it any good?

+ I need 2 :cool:

Cheers All. :)
I have seen a few sites, which they say they have them in stock, however I have never heard of these sites, and I can't quite see why small companies would get them before the bigger ones.
Try Ask electronics from tottenham court road. www.askdirect.co.uk

LG is spending lots of money on that shop's special LG display section (half a floor!), if LG has half a brain, then they might think that if you spend big on marketing there, it might be a good idea to supply them with the TV's to sell too.
Currys have them on the site but they are out of stock in my area, however the local branch have one on display?
I went into currys yesterday he said they are out of stock, and said something about waiting 4 weeks. :(

+ my local branch has it on display. But no one can really get hold of any.

However "Semps" on these forums got one from currys other week but waited 3 weeks.
Well, I don't know if anyone else is waiting on this from 247Electrical.

They took my money on the 14th January.
Since then they announced 3 more "due in stock" dates.

The latest is now the 24th February.

I would think carefully about bbuying from this place, especialyy if they don't have the stock.

Trouble is, there is nowhere else selling the 37LP1D near the same price.


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