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Lg 37le2r


Standard Member
Hey people,

I need some help on finding out some information regarding the LG 37LE2R, for some reason I cant find this info anywhere even on the LG website. Could someone tell me if this t.v is the same as the LG 37LC2D or wat? :lease:

Isit possible to connect my Xbox360 using componet cables to this t.v as i can seem to find any information about this? :)

Also whats your thoughts on this t.v guys as im gonna purchase it next week sometime. so :smashin: :smashin: or :thumbsdow

Thanx :D

Here is the website, its frm Pixmania LG 37LE2R


Distinguished Member
The closest I could find is on the French site http://fr.lge.com/prodmodeldetail.d...tId=01&modelCodeDisplay=32LE2R&model=NOTHING#
It indicates component input.
Main issue with Pixmania and Komplett is that they are european sites and source their TV's everywhere.
If it is to used for domestic TV I do strongly suggest you get one with Freeview built in, external boxes never reproduce the same quality IMO.
Also be aware if it ever requires fixing.


Active Member
As far as I could find, the LE series look like the LC2 and LC25.

I also think this one is positioned below the LC25R because of omissions like Faroudja. I saw a comparison in a document from the dutch LG site, but I cannot find it anymore.

The LE was in the bottom, with the less boxes of features checked, like comb filter too I believe. Price is almost the same as the LC25 though.


Standard Member
Whats faroudja? lol i dont even know what it is, but i doubt i'll be missing it. the t.v looks good, jus hope its got hi def like 720i/p 1080i etc. do u lot seriously think its a worth while purchase seeing as though im gonna have this for a little while?

sorry i took so long to reply, its jus that i work frm 7pm to 4:30 am. Jus saving up for my home entertainment goodness.

Anymore info/suggestions/help is greatly appreciated! :)


Active Member
I was watching the LC25 the other night and I noticed, it didn't do a very well job scaling a non widescreem image to 16:9 compared to sharps, jvc's and samsung.

This is wat was holding me off. On the other hand, it was the only TV next to the Phipips that was showing black as black (did not look at details, as it was an extremely crappy signal)


I just bought the same set from a Ebay shop.Slightly dearer than pixmania,but at least i got it delivered when it was meant to.Its great looking TV,my only problem is i cant get picture in picture to work.But apart from that,its great.


Delivered from France,in 24 hours.



Active Member
LG LCD's are a poor choice for showing SD content as thir scaling and video processing is poor and introduce quite a lot of artefacts. But they are cheaper than the premium brands. If you are only using HD content there is less of a problem. You only have to please yourself so if you are happy with what you see they are good value.

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