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I have a problem with an LG LCD 37LE2R (or more ...) At first everything was fine, the TV worked well. I use the cable TV channels and sometimes my daughter movie dvd player, no problem. Then the cable company has introduced the Mediabox and card with HD programes. I connected the device to the HDMI port. Already see much better and clearer. I even used the PIP and I had no problems.
One day I tried to watch a movie on the dvd player, and when I switched to AV1 (which was connected dvd player) I noticed that the picture was black & white! I switched to cable he was connected to the antenna port .... all black & white. I switched to HDMI .... color and clear. Hmm Ok, so I left, only HDMI.
For five days I have a ps3. I connected the HDMI, of course, and it worked very well. But since the TV has only one HDMI port, I had to exchange the HDMI cable of mediabox with the PS3 when not using one or another. That's not excessively, once or twice a day.
But today when I turned on TV I got the message: "no signal". even if i connected Mediabox or ps3 to HDMI. The antenna signal is all black & white like before....
From a representative of the LG, I received advice to read the user manual or go to repair tv .... lol
Maybe someone has encountered a similar problem. It can fix anything in this tv? Or thinking about buying another ...
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I have similar issue.
Lots of devices work with my HDMI ports on the TV, DVD, BlueRay, Laptop etc.
Xbox was working fine then suddenly "no signal".

Tested my Xbox on other TV's and it works fine. Tested my friends Xbox on my TV and it works fine. So what's the issue ?

I have done an EDID dump of the HDMI port and it checksums fine.
I have left unplugged for 30mins, makes no difference, tried reseting to factory default of both xbox and Tv, no fix.

So it appears the TV has remembered the Device and now wont allow it to connect.
I have read about handshaking issues, but this is just not making any sense.

I cant really afford yet another replacement Xbox, TV or the £100 fee for the LG engineer.

Someone please help find the solution and not an alternative.
I'm just persistent to find out what the issue/fix is for the benefit of others, as I see from other forums it happens to Playstation, SkyBox, Cable, and all brands of TV.


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