LG 32LX2R's "Full" mode, avoiding Spectacle



Hello, this is my first post here. :hiya:

I know this is probably a long shot, but there's something bothering me about my new LG 32LX2R.

The "Full" ARC mode is great, as it zooms in automatically when it detects black borders, but it uses a "Spectacle" like image on top of that zoom. Kinda like a "fish-eye" view... My question is, can you get rid of that? Can the image be zoomed in but not have that distortion caused by the "Spectacle" mode?

I know how to access the service menu, but have no idea what some of those options are, so maybe there's a hidden option there that does what I want?...

Well, thanks in advance, and thanks also for a great forum! :thumbsup:
I'm assuming their "Full" mode is like Sony's "Smart" and that it adapts 4:3 material to fill the wide screen. That does mean that in the middle of the screen (where you'll hopefully be looking most), nothing appears out of proportion, but as you mentioned it warps the sides to fit. That's just part of this mode.


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That's the reason I don't use any zoom for 4:3 sources, all have flaws.

Before the LG, I had a Hitachi widescreen crt tv without "fish-eye" mode, so I always wondered about this kind of zoom, but 5 minutes on the LG were enough to decide not to bother.


hello, i'm a french buyer of the LG32LX2R, and i understand what you're talking about the fish-eye effect.
It's not the usual resize of image from 4/3 to 16/9, who 'cut' parts of pictures and make everything bigger, it's a big fish-eye effect only on the left and right sides of screen when image is moving (even when she is not moving:), and it seems to be a default on this screen.
Only when looking 4/3 on 'spectacle' or 'full' mode.

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