LG 32LX2R vs Panny 32LXD52



Have now reached the point where i have seen both of these LCD's and can't decide between them. As the LG is cheaper I am tempted to go with that. Apart from the fact that the Panny has integrated freeview does it have anything else over the LG i should be considering?

Also, can anyone suggest a good surround sound + dvd player to go with this - i know nothing about them at all (under £400)


I know what you mean Kieran, especially when you see them connected up to a HD feed in Currys. Home Cinema Choice gave the LG 4 stars for picture, 3 for sound and 4 overall. The colour, black level and contrast were all rated as Good. However, the Panny LXD500's colour, black level and contrast were all rated as excellent and got 4 1/2 stars for it's picture with 3 1/2 for sound and 4 1/2 overall.

So it's about an extra 1/2 star; and that's between the LG and the LXD500. With the LXD52 it's a tough choice and then you've got the Samsung 51 series ... Simliar price to the LG with a digital receiver (sorry!)


Well I purchased the LG yesterday and I am happy with it but I dont think it is quite as good as the Samsung although having one duff Samsung to begin with I didn't want to tempt fate by having a second and no-where nearby had any in stock anyway.
I did read a review of the LG in one of the TV mags in WH Smiths and they gave it a favourable review and rated it as a "Editors Choice" or something like that.
No big deal but the LG also comes with leads to connect a PC to it,not a reason to buy one but a nice little "extra" surprise.
Sky doesn't show it at its best and DVD looks good with the component connection I am using at the moment but I have ordered a Sony 910 DVD recorder so will be using HDMI when it comes :D
I though on the HD demo in Comet that the blacks on the LG did look better than the Samsung but didn't see the Panny to do a comparision.

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