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LG 32LX2R HDMI Port Problem


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I'm currently experiencing problems with my LG LCD TV (32LX2R). I can't seem to connect anything via my HDMI port. Please see attached picture.

I've tried two different HDMI sources and both do the same. However, It did work fine using the XBOX 360 for a period of time. When I got SKY HD installed, Sky worked for a day or so then I received the scrambled picture and now nothing works via the HDMI port. So I have to use the XBOX over component and Sky over DVI. Which is OK for this but I want to connect a PS3 and have no other HD connections available.

When I connected to the HDMI port using Sky, I switched from HDMI DVT to HDMI PC and I can just make out that the Sky STB reports of a HDCP problem.

From what I can gather the XBOX isnt bothered about HDCP over HDMI, but not 100% sure on that.

I'm not sure if this TV supports HDMI HDCP?

Also from Googling this problem I have come across a few people with similar problem and they report that there is a fault with the digital connections and I need to contact LG to update the software. I have sent them an email but don't hold much hope to a constructive response as this TV is out of warranty.

Thanks in advance!


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I have also tried two different HDMI cables and both Sky HD and the XBOX work on the TV using HDMI to DVI. The XBOX works on a different TV using HDMI to HDMI.
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What about a factory reset on your tele and disconnection from the mains for some time in hope it resets a safety cut out on the hdmi port? Did you connect or disconnect hdmi devices while hey were still plugged into the mains, even if the were off at the time? I think this is advised against.


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Thanks for the response.

Yes I probably connected the HDMI devices whilst plugged into the mains.

Do you know how to reset to factory settings? I've looked in the service menu and there isn't anything obvious. Also nothing in the manual.


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