LG 32lv450u - No difference 720p and 1080p on xbox 360 component connection


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Hi all,
I've only just discovered these forums post-tv purchase, I probably should have had a look around them before I shelled out £350 for the TV that I have bought.

From what I understand, it is a 32" 1080p LED tv. It should look great compared to our old Samsung 32" thats around 4 years old. However, my Xbox's HDMI port appears to have died a death, so I have had to resort to playing through component connectors. On the samsung (only 720p) the picture is clear and crisp, a little pixelated when very close. The LG seems either to be too jaggy with sharpness up or blurry when turned down, there is no sweet spot. In addition, when flicking back and forth between 720P and 1080P settings, I can't tell any difference whatsoever.

I wasn't sure whether to put this in the TV or gaming forums but thought I'd try both, sorry if this is frowned upon!

I was wondering if I am doing something wrong, or if there are any issues with component connections and 1080p output?

Thanks for any help.


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AFAIK, the Xbox does not properly handle 1080p. Though you may have better success using the XBox VGA cable...
There are things to check though; LG sets sometimes handle inputs differently depending upon what you label it; try changing that. And check the aspect ratio picked; "Just Scan" is probably what you want.
Regards, Iain.
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