LG 32LP1D and other n00b questions


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Hi all, after much much looking, I think I have finally decided on getting the LG 32LP1D, but although it seem to have been out a while, I can't find very much feedback about it?

Does anyone here have one, and what do you think? Is it currently the best 32" LCD on the market? Or can better be done (even if it costs more)? Are there any forthcoming TV's that are set to improve substantially on this TV?

Also I found one "review" I found this comment...
One annoying feature is that you cannot re scan for new Freeview channels
... does this mean if any new channels become available (like the recent More4) I wont be able to receive them?

Oh, and one last thing :) Many pictures of the TV have black speakers, but more recent ones have silver? Which is it?

One final thing (although I suppose I ought to put this in another forum) could anyone suggest a good A/V and surround sound system for this TV's and the Xbox 360 when it arrives? I have no clue in this area at all. :rolleyes:

Thanks a lot for you patience, all help and comments appreciated :)

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