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I've recently bought my new TV, LG 32LM6300PLA.
I searched this forum and other sites but I haven't found an answer to some doubts of mine.

1. Since the main user of this TV will be my grandma who has some eyesight problems, I couldn't find in the settings menu a way to increase the size of the TV fonts.
When changing TV channel, the name of the show broadcast in that moment is written in quite a small size and in grey over a black background.

2. Related to the previous question, my grandma was user on her previous TV, to see both the current TV show broadcast and the following one when changing TV channel. Moreover, by pressing "INFO" button on the remote control, the description of the show/movie appeared.
On the new LG, I saw that to see that kind on information you need to press "OK" button, then move to the right with right arrow two time in order to select the current TV show and pressing again "OK".
Is there a shortcut to this kind of infos?
Is there an app on the WebOS store to do that?

3. I see that my TV (which is a 2019 model) has WebOS updated to the latest version (04.72.10). While there is the previous 2018 model 32LK6200PLA which is updated to WebOS 05.10.30.
Why an older and nearly identical TV model is updated to WebOS 5, while mine has still WebOS 4.5?
Do you know if it will be updated to WebOS 5?

Thank you so much for your help!
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LG do not update their TV's to the next major version of WebOS so the TV will only receive incremental updates.

The 32LK6200PLA shipped with WebOS v4.0, the firmware update numbers do not correspond to the WebOS version at least that's my understanding.

Look in WebOS settings->general->about this TV->TV information and it should list the version of WebOS running on the TV, it maybe v4.1 to 4.2 or something like that.

Cant answer the other questions.


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Thank you for your answer.
What a pity that I won't be able to update my TV software to WebOS 5.0...

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