LG 32LM6300PLA Freeview Ch wrong numbers

Just done initial scan and not got usual program numbers for Freeview EG 1 BBC1 local sd or 101 BBC1 HD

What I have is 1 is BBC R5L and 101 is E4

Help please.


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I see that on occasion on my LG TV, after I’ve hidden some channels and a new channel has been added or moved around. It eventually sorts itself out. However, from what you describe that might be a different issue. What TX, post code, etc.? Do you have a lot of channels in the 800 range?

Solve it, noticed a post from a Sharp owner with same problem and it was the Country not set to UK, I had selected UK but my set had not remembered it was using Albania !
So I reset and scanned again and all is well.

Another question if you know the LG range, I can't seem to get the program info. to show easily.
On other sets there is an Info button or you press OK and then you have program number and name of program a second OK gives description of what is in program.


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Magic remotes have an INFO section in pop-up menus. The INFO option is there and works as expected.

Magic Remote ?
That's a new term to me.
Supplied remote is LG AKB75675311 looks just like any other remote but no Info button, only difference is Netlfix and Prima Video buttons.
Can you advise if this is what you think I should have and button(s) to use please>


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Hmm. OK, well you might want to grab a slightly different LG remote from eBay. They are largely interchangeable. I bought a standard remote to use as the supplied Magic Remote is sometimes a bit OTT for channel hopping. An LG AKB73715601 works a treat for me. Cost me under a tenner.



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If you fancy a basic LG remote (ie: not a 'magic remote') with an 'INFO' button then I can recommend the LG AKB75095307, which are for sale on eBay: LG AKB75095307 | eBay.

It's always useful to have a spare remote or two ;)


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