Question LG 32LM6300PLA - any good / weaknesses?


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Looking to upgrade my TV from an 11 year old 26" Panasonic Viera. This was a brilliant set and very expensive at the time but is starting to show its age at 720p and yellowing around the edges as is typical of ageing LCDs.

Thought I'd go for a smart one as most of them are now anyway and hopefully it'll reduce my complicated raft of inputs (Fire TV, Chromecast, etc). Having Freesat built in (seemingly only LGs do) a bonus as that also would simplify my setup.

Much as I'd love to go bigger like everyone else, maximum I can fit in the space is 32" really. I'm in a 10x6ft room but more like 7x6ft in practical terms as the last 3x6 lengthways comprises an airing cupboard and a doorway. I sit on the bed and the TV is 3ft away. At a push I could manage 43" by wall mounting instead of having it on the desk I use as an entertainment centre, but it wouldn't be ideal and it seems you don't really gain anything in terms of quality or features going up to 43. It seems that 50" is the cut-off point and anyone getting smaller is a second class citizen these days which is a shame as 50" in here would just be obscene. I'd have to completely change the room layout and half half a wall's worth of telly that I'd feel too close to. 32" is the perfect size for me.

So basically, how bad are the 32" sets? Would I be best off just remaining in the past and sticking with the Viera, or is it worth an upgrade?

I've done a lot of digging, and the complaints I've read are:

  • Poor sound quality
  • Jittery visual effect in motion (apparently "Which?" said this, but I'm not keen on committing to a monthly payment to read one review).
  • Slow interface
  • I saw one thread on here suggesting IQ is better on a separate Fire TV stick than the built in apps, making me wonder whether I'd just end up bypassing the smart features anyway, negating half the reason of upgrading...
Any thoughts? Is it particularly bad in these ways? Are we talking "issues" that would only be picked up by audiophiles and people with very high standards, or that anyone with eyes and ears would hate?

From what I can tell, there's no "particularly good" 32" (or 43") set. Samsung do a nice smart one but I'm a little put off by Samsung's tendency to abandon their old stuff, it's hard to find stock (maybe a refresh coming) and the lack of DVB-S is a minus. It's whether they are "particularly BAD", whether things are at least an improvement on 11 years ago, or if they're so bad nowadays that I'm better off clinging to old stuff until it dies and accepting my role as a forgotten dinosaur with a tiny <50" telly :)

I know it's a bit of a chonky set, but so's my Viera, so nothing lost there.

Edit: As a matter of interest I decided to bite the bullet with "Which?" and try it for £5. Wish I hadn't bothered. The reviewer claims it has no smart features at all and that you need an external box for apps, so clearly has no clue what he's talking about.
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Well, I decided to try one. It's rubbish. Mostly because of this issue:

Going back to Currys first thing tomorrow.

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