LG 32LE5300 any good


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So a few months ago I bought a Samsung Ln32C450, not a bad set but not the best either.
The thing is, It suddently started to give image quiality problems so I called Samsung and after a month or so they finally approved an exchange in the store I bought the TV. The thing is, that store doesen't sell that samsung model anymore so I have to choose another TV for about the same Price.

I've been checking the store's site (I live in Chile so there's not as much choice as in the USA) and found this LG HDTV that now has the exact same price as my old tv (so I could get it).
On paper it sound really good, LED, Full HD, Reads videos from USB drive, 4 HDMI ports, 2.4ms response tiem (the samsung had 5ms), etc.
But sometimes this TV's dont work as good as they sound in paper so I'm wondering if somone has this TV and how it has worked for you.

The main use I want to give it is gaming (yeah, I know there are better, more expensive tv's for that) and watching Blu ray movies (ps3 and xbox 360).

My main concern is ghosting, input lag and an issue I've heard some LED tv's have in black screen (where the cornes are too bright or there some weird and horrible backlight).

THx and sorry if the english isn't that good.
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