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Hello all
I have a LG 32LD450-ZA, Software 03.00.23 (buyed it 2010 and never upgraded it)
I want to get access to the service menu to flip the screen 180° for a multi monitor setup.
I read that this is possible by service menu, but I can't get access to it.
I tried holding menu on tv and remote, also tried to hold ok on both, and i kept holding menu on the remote for minutes, but nothing happened.
Crazy thing is I can remember I called the hotline some years ago because I had a problem and the agent told me how to get to the service menu, it was possible without an universal remote, but I can't remember how.
Can you please tell me how to get to the service menu and maybe how to upgrade the software / where to get one?
Software with USB hack would be nice but no 100% requirement.
I found software on

LG 32LD450 Produkt Support :Handbucher, Garantie & mehr | LG Germany

but the firmware files are called "secured", and I don't want to upgrade to a non editable software (like I did on my PS3, upgraded too high and now can't get costum firmware on it)
So I wanted to ask a community first.

Thanks in advance

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