LG 32LC2DB aesthetics?? Advice reqd.


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For those of you who have the LG 32LC2DB.
I am looking at ordering one of these, probably from Novatech to replace my Hyundai Q321.
I have seen various pickies of this set. Can you confirm whether the set has black or silver speakers.
The one I saw in Comet has back speaker panel, but I have seen other web pictures of a silver speaker panel (below the silver strip separating the LCD panel from the speakers).


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I have the LG 32LC2D and it has the black speaker, ive had this tv for a couple of months now and im very happy with it

Excellent picture on standard sky also good picture on analoge tv and freeview.

Ps2 and Nintendo Wii look good through component.


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Seems like a great forum, i bought one of there LG tv's the other day, i got mine from comet for 599 pounds, which i thought was brilliant, mine is black, with a silver bar above the black speaker bar, the digital picture is very nice, but the analogue signal is terrible, so i dont know what i would have done without the digital aspect, i have connected my computer to it and it was a lovely picture, so overly for the price i am extremely pleased with the picture,

I still cant get the picture settings quite right, i change the settings and look at it and think, yes i thats really good, then the next day i think, that looks terrible! then change all the settings again! i think it looks better with LG's XD Technology turned off, what have you guys done?

And how would you recommend a dvd player should be connected to this tv for the best picture possible? and how far away should you be sitting from it? because its in a bedroom i am currently only sitting about 6 feet from it, so how far away from it would you get the best picture possible?

Also, i have a slight buzzing coming from the rear of my tv when the Contrast is under 85, is this a fault? or just something in the design that you have to put up with? i have my contrast above 85 anyway, and it isnt that loud, but i dont want it to blow up on me or something?!?!

Sorry for all the questions!

Thanks for your help


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